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  • • Cucina tipica salentina
  • • Pizzeria, anche da asporto
  • • Rosticceria take away
  • • Gelateria artigianale
  • • Cucina da asporto
  • • Sala ricevimenti e buffet

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Italian Cooking Class da Bruna

Qualche tempo fa, presso il Ristorante da Bruna si è tenuta una "Italian Cooking Class" con Bruna e Carlos Melia, Operatore Turistico e Travel Blogger.

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One of the many exciting real experiences, I truly enjoyed during my recent visit to Puglia, in the South of Italy, was other than the Wine & Olive Oil Tasting at a real Masseria, the real Italian Cooking Class at da Bruna Ristorante , with Bruna herself, outside of Lecce in the region of Salento. Our cooking class focused on pasta, and the best part was, that at the very end, we had to eat our own cooking. Well that, plus the AMAZING sauce Mrs Bruna prepared for us, from her secret recipe. She and her staff were so sweet and funny, making the class truly enjoyable and educating. We prepared some Orecchiette, Macaroncino and Sagnia. Of course, I reinforced the fact that I cannot cook, but well, I just went along with it ha ha ha…. no just kidding, I can, but in a very basic and beginners rank. I guess I have other great qualities to be a good husband. Check my video here. If I would’ve had more time, I would definitely included da Bruna Ristorante as one of my dinner plans, you should, true local authentic Italian experience.

Qui il suo post originale: http://carlosmeliablog.com/2014/06/true-italian-cooking-class-with-bruna/


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